She has her name from the goddess of the hunt and it was as a whaler she began her career on the high seas. The Artemis was built in Norway in 1926 and served as a whaling ship until the end of the Forties, operating mainly in the northern and southern polar seas. From her home port of Oslo, she sailed to Spitsbergen (Svalbard) and into the Bering Sea, fitted with a steam engine, two auxiliary masts and a variety of harpoon guns.

In the fifties, the Artemis was refitted to haul cargo and operated mainly as a tramp freighter between Asia and South America until she was bought by a Danish captain from Marstal. Despite her ready seaworthiness, by the end of the Nineties the Artemis was too small to operate as a competitive freighter. She then changed hands again and was reconverted into an elegant sailing ship in 2001. The Artemis now plies the seas in the form of an imposing three-masted barque.

Artemis was in Falmouth at the end of May in 2010 and we organised two three-hour sails which were very well supported.

Home: The Netherlands

Length:  59 m

Beam: 7.01m

Sail area: 1050 m2

Speed under sail: 9 knots


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