MirMir  is our most regular visitor. She was here in June 2004, June 2005, June 2006 and June 2008.

Mir (‘Peace’) is the third ship of of a  series of six ships which were built in the 80s at the Lenin shipyard in Gdansk, Poland. The first of this series is the sister ship built for the Polish navy, Dar Mlodziezy. 

The other ships, which were built for the former Soviet Union, were Khersones Pallada (another name of the Athene), Drushzba (‘Friendship’), Nadeshzda (‘Hope’).

Since 1988 the STS Mir has been taking part in international races for sail training ships. She regularly takes part in Tall Ships Races and has won prizes in prestigious regattas. She is the only class A sailing ship which has twice won the all-round first place. She was built in 1987 and was designed as a training ship intended for shipboard training of navigating cadets and for taking part in tall ships races.

Home: Saint Petersburg

Length: 109.2 m

Beam: 13.9 m

Sail area: 2,771 m²

Speed under sail: 19.4 knots

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